Game #74: Holiday Brothers United!

And… Maybe they should be disbanded… Sixers lose to the Charlotte Bobcats 88 to 83, behind a staggering 3 for 29 from the field for the Holiday boys.

holiday boys

But how can you stay mad at them? I’m just glad to have united the 3rd active brother pairing in the NBA. Behind the North Philly Morris twins in Phoenix

Adam Buhler/KANSAN

And the anti-Holiday boys, the surly and spazzy Hansborough brothers suiting up for Indiana.

hansborough borthers


Game Observations

bobcats thad royal contest

bobcats rayol diving

1) Sure the Holiday brickfest was ugly, but that’s the kind of performance you need if you want to lose to the Charlotte Bobcats.

2) You also need some vintage help defense from Evan Turner. Let us pause at the 1 second mark as Turner spots the play unfolding

Evan notices the backdoor is open as Gerald Henderson begins his roll about 22 feet from the rim, Turner is about 5 feet from the rim. Hmm… Should I help? Nah… better to just fidget in place then point at somebody else…

evan turner it wasnt me

I guarantee you that a young Evan Turner was constantly trying to blame his farts on other people and fooling absolutely no one.

3) An Arnett Moultrie sighting!

bobcats moultrie dunk

9 minutes for the big guy! As he continues to gobble up offensive boards, get some putbacks, and do nothing else. Moultrie is grabbing 15.6% of all available offensive boards while on the court. If he had enough minutes to qualify he’d be 5th in the league, just a shade behind Reggie Evans. Awesome!

But maybe he should try grabbing some defensive rebounds, as he’s the only player in the league to get the majority of his boards on the offensive end…

Blessedly, Kindly, Mercifully, only 8 games remain. As dusk settles on both GrowthPlates and this benighted Sixers season.

rosso florentino


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