Games #71 – #73: The Scrimmage Season

We blink and the Sixers win three consecutive and constructively meaningless basketball games against the veritable Murderer’s row of the Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats…

Murderers' Row of New York Yankeesmurderers row bobcats

Well, we can stop worrying about draft position, with only 9 games to play the 76ers are deeply ensconced in the 11th pick; by virtue of this winning streak, 3 games ahead of the 5 team pile up for picks #5 through #10, and 3 games behind the Blazers for the 12th pick.

So barring a ping pong ball miracle, we’re picking 11th, folks…

Some fun observations from these scrimmages

1) A surprisingly hard fought Sixers/Cavs game. It’s cute to watch two teams with no aspirations and no incentive to win get really serious about a basketball game.

Luke Walton, Damien Wilkins

Wilkins over Walton! And the foul!

2) Evan Turner with a semi-homecoming, returning to his Collegiate stomping grounds of Ohio. An emotionally charged game for Turner, and that means the Evan was would shake off his predictably C- minus play, and give you either a really good or really bad game.

Turner Walton scrum

GOOD GAME! Amazingly Good Turner looks exactly like Bad Turner except the shots go in. Evan goes for 23pts/13rebs/4asts.

3) Collins decide to par it down to his 8 man playoff roster in this tilt against the Bobcats, back to back games be damned! Bad News is that Arnett Moultrie got zero minutes, Good News is that Royale Ivey got 24 minutes and was able to do this…

royal ivey

4) Ah, the risks of a goblet of red wine while sitting courtside…

Here’s the moral of the story: I know you spent, like $20 on a nice glass of red wine… Instinctively you want to protect such a hefty beverage investmentbut just bail out dude! spill it on the floor… even if they don’t give you a new one, it’s better than subjecting your family to a cabernet splash zone reminiscent of the final scene of the Wild Bunch.

(Impatients can cut to the 1:15 mark)

5) The Holiday boys are together again! Sixers cut The Good Samaritan, Jeremy Pargo to make way for Justin Holiday!

holiday boys

I smell off-court shenanigans!

5) Lastly, the Sixers organization decided to Fan Appreciation night, by reminding them of the last time it was fun to be a 76ers fan.

allen-iverson bobblehead night


(Note the pitch-perfect, melancholic, middle distance stare engendered in this bobble-head homunculus)

And while the Allen Iverson/Philadelphia love affair felt anything but elegant at the time. It’s amazing what time and constancy will do for a reputation.

From all this human tumult, this fraught relationship has strangely found a measure of grace.


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