Games #68-#70: What we missed out West

Let’s just zip through the drudgery of these game re-caps so we can spend the rest of the week delving into the more fruitful fields of the 2013 Draft, the incongruesly awesome play of Temple’s Khalif Wyatt, and the long awaited “A Moment In Iverson: 2001, a Sixers Odyssey”

But first, to the task at hand.

Game #68: A 101 to 100 LOSS to the Denver Nuggets.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Denver Nuggets

OK, get this… Sixers are about to steal a surprise win against Denver in thier Rocky Mountain redoubt (where they’ve compiled a lusty 35-3 record this season).

Up by 5 points with 10 seconds left on the clock, the victory seemed sealed, before an improbable collapse (that would be have been absolutely devastating in a competitive season, but was just plain hilarious in this tanking one) unfolds to allow the Nugs a 1-point victory.

Here is how it happened:

1) Sixers up 100 to 95 with 10 to play and a cascade of poor rotations leaves the red-hot Corey Brewer open for 3. 100 to 98

2) Evan Turner gets intentionally fouled, craps the bed by MISSING BOTH of the game icing FREE THROWS, leaves the door open

3) The en fuego Brewer takes a hand-off and throws up an off the dribble 30 footer for the win. That’s a shot you can live with. unfortunately, the trailing Damien Wilkins clearly fouls him, sending him to the line for 3 freebies.

corey brewer game winners

4) Brewer sinks 3 free throws. Game over.

Corey brewer is happy

Game #69: An unfortunate117 to 103 WIN against the Sacramento Kings

Sixers could have really used a loss against there Ping Pong ball seeking rivals from Sacramento. Not to be.

1) in the battle of 2010 draft malcontents, the wayward DeMarcus Cousins outscored the petulant Evan Turner 8 to 7. Ugh.

Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins

2) The laughably volatile Cousins decides to beef with Mr. Positivity, Thad Young, as they draw a pair of techs in the 2nd half. But he looks so sensitive when we he wears his glasses!

cousins glasses

3) Spencer goes for 14pts/10rebs, his 7th double double of the month, for the record he had recorded 7 in the 4 months preceding

Better late than never, I guess… no wait, I take it back… better never.

4) Looks like the Kings might be staying in Sacramento after all. In a blow to the Tech-City thefts plaguing  the NBA (Ssee the S.F. heist of the Oakland Warriors), Seattle maybe thwarted in it’s bid to rob the KIngs from the loyal and long suffering Sacto fans. Good work, people of the SacTown.

And yes, (unfortunately and appropriately) the place goes by SacTown.

here we stay sacramento

Game #70: A punishing 107 to 91 LOSS to the Utah Jazz

Sixers get smashed, the Starters get benched, and the reserves (save for  Kwame Brown and Nick Young, buried so deep in a hole no one will find them) ride it out to the finish.

Alec Burks, Evan Turner

1) not much to highlight here, but could things get any worse for Evan Turner? a 6 point/3 turnover performance, and this embarrassing assualt by the Jazz Dance Team at the 32 second mark.

2) Jrue Holiday plus/minus. Ok all the starters were bad, but Holiday’s -38 in 23 minutes of work seems absolutely impossible.

Doug Collins

3) Derek Favors ain’t great. But after the recent poop shows of Evan Turner and DeMarcus Cousins, his sturdy, PJ Brown-like 13pts/10rebs/3blk performance looks mighty enticing.

Let’s torture ourselves for a moment…

4) Lastly, Salt Lake City’s newest Jazz hangout spot

Newest Jazz Hangout spot


Anyone looking for a new jazz hangout spot? One with fresh juices, maybe? We’ll you’ve found it…

The Utah Jazz everybody…


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