Game #66: Sixers win again… but first


andrew bynum nosferatu

As I write this, Andrew Bynum is under the knife, finally, mercifully, having season ending knees surgery…

I need a minute…


Andrew, we both know it’s been over for a while now. And the fact that this was completely predictable doesn’t make this any easier. We’ll always have the good times; that press conference/rally at the Constitution Center where we all pretended not to notice that you looked really fat (did he have all those stretch marks in Los Angeles?)

andrew bynum fat face099561_bynum_LAS_

The silly haircuts, playing pop-a-shot at Chuckie Cheese, that time you hurt yourself bowling,  we all had a good laugh. Because we were sure you would play in like a month, no big deal, we were in this for the long haul.

andrew bynum pop shotbynum ultimate crazy hair

You’re such a cut-up…

There was action and excitement too. Like when we breathlessly watched grainy surveillance footage of you ride an excercise bike.

The shooting drills against invisible opponents.

But deep down, in the very cockles of our heart, we both new it was too perfect to last. It was all just the idle reverie of fanbase that wanted too much…

And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on

The new world pocahontaslament of icarus 5bynum presser

Bynum headline

The new world protection full

And the Sixers win another basketball game! a 101 to 100 VICTORY over the Portland Trailblazers behind the new Triumverate of Hawes, Holiday and Wright

triumverate death of Ceaser


1) Having a plausible presence at Center is the primary cause of the Sixers resurgence. Super-Hawes has been scoring it, averaging 20 points per game in the 3 recent wins. But he is still Regular-Hawes on defense, with the opposing teams centers averaging 25. Aldridge went for off for 32 points last night.

Nice box out…

But ultimately, not getting murdered at the Center position was all we needed to be decently successful this year.

Sixers blazers win

2) Jrue Holiday has his mojo back. going for 27pts/8rebs/6asts, and outdueling Rookie of the Year Front Runner Damien Lillard.

Holiday layin vs blazers

3) Damien Lillard is really, really, good. Here he is splitting a sloppy hedge by Hawes and getting the easy dunk.

And here he is just being awesome in general. The 6’3 point gaurd Showing the shifty dribble and DEEP range that is propelling him to a surprise ROY award…

4) Sixers further cement there draft position on the back end of the lottery. With the field bunched so tight, a week ago it looked the Sixers could be picking 4th or 5th overall. Looks like we are locked around 10 now. So much for the tank-a-thon.


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