Game #65: Perchance to Dream?


I know what you’re thinking “That Hakeem quadruple double from 1990 was pretty rad, but what does this have to do with the Sixers beating the Indiana Pacers on Saturday? And by the way, what in God’s name are the Sixers doing winning games against the Indiana Pacers??”

The answer to both your questions lies in the esthatic tendrils of spiritual connectivity between Spencer Hawes and the great Hakeem Olajuwon…

hawes flad salute hakeem prayer rug

Blashephemy to utter the The Dream in the same breath as Hawes? But, in fact, Hawes’ Dream-like18 point, 16 rebound, 8 assist, 7 block performance on Saturday was a statistical milestone unattained on an NBA court since the fateful Quadruple Double perpetuated by one Hakeen Olajuwon nearly 23 years ago.

Here is that 1990 box score as balanced Rockets efforts beat a mediocre (is there any other kind?) Milwuakee Bucks squad, behind the points/rebounds/assists/blocks quadruple double from the Ramadan-fasting Olajuwon

hakeem fan art

Ok, before we get to Sixers, let’s take a moment to remember perhaps the slickest post game of all time; the slippery, off-angle, Dream-shaking, Olajuwon…

Clowning his defenders like a 7’0 Andre Miller!


Here is the Dream Shake in Hakeem’s own words..

Back to the Sixers…

So in recap, Spencer Hawes’ singlehandedly stopped the Sixers glorious teardrop free fall  up the loser board by submitting 2 career performances in the span of 3 games, propelling the Sixers to unlikely (and unneccasary) wins against the playoff bound Nets and Pacers.

hawes blocks hibbert

Of course these games bookend Spencer’s 6pt/5reb/5foul, layup-blowing, poopfest against the Miami Heat. Of course saved for a game that might have actually been worth winning…

Ah, there’s the rub…

But who’s complaining besides me and every other Sixers fan?

Spencer hawes segway continued

But Hats off to Hawes. These are legitimately good performances, and it appears that he’s launching into his annual “Good Hawes” stretch that propels the team to regular wins.

And while anyone who’s watched the last 3 seasons knows better than to get duped by this Indian Summer, maybe this will fool some other basketball team into offering something of value for him.

Here Spence in his own words…

“I really like the nucleus here, I like what we’re building…. the future is bright.”

Hmm… ok… I guess all that Global warming denial stuff now has some important context…

Other Game notes: Holiday put up 27 points and 12 assists, everyone else was their normal selfs, and with these two wins the Sixers have probably locked themselves into somewhere around the 10th pick in the draft.

holiday layup over hibbert

In conclusion: Phi Slamma Jamma!!!!


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