Game #57 & #58: The Great Tank Battles of the Atlantic Division

76er bobbleheads

The Sixers take a brief break from their end of season Death March to tally a surprise 104 to 97 WIN over the Golden State Warriors as the team celebrated the 51st anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game with a complimentary bobble-head.

Let’s take a moment for Wilt…

wilt 100 box score   wilt 100 notebook paper


wilt 100 fan art


The stat line from that fateful night in Hershey, PA was 100 points and a Nic Vucevic-esque 25 rebounds, on 63 fiend goal attempts and 32 trips to the line.

Drink some milk, Boss.


wilt 100 drink some milk


Back to the present (must we???) Evan Turner interrupts the Tank parade with a near triple double, going for 22 pts/10rebs/9asts. In his first good game since I can’t even remember, and I write a Sixers blog for gods sake!

turner title belt

Turner also contributed another sweet alley-oop to Moultrie to complete the comeback and put the Sixers up 77 to 75.

Unfortunately their no video evidence (and precious little photograghic evidence) to embed in this post, as the Sixers are presently being blockaded from the internet like a box of cuban cigars…

A box of really, really, unpleasant and boring cuban cigars, that is….

blockade cartoon

While a win feels kind of good, growthPlates had just acclimated to rooting for losing, failure, and draft position, so this win is kind of giving me us bends.


Sunday’s game was the matchup we were all waiting for, an Atlantic division tank battle between the 76ers and Wizards.

jrue wall


It’s a shame we couldn’t figure out a way for the Toronto Raptors to get involved… but in this epic battle of two teams who should really be trying to lose to the other the Sixers were the big winners.

And by that, I mean they lost. a 90 to 87 LOSS to the Wiz kids.

In the basketball equivalent of the 10,000 tank melee of the Battle of Kursk, no player tallied more than 16 points, and the Sixers were led by a 14 point, 11 rebound effort from Spencer Hawes.


 battle of kursk


battle of kursk map 2

battle of kursk art


That’s all we have to say on this weekend…

Tomorrow, we’ll comfort ourselves with our memories as Dispatches From The Dark returns with the life and times of Dana Barros!


And yes we are cheering ourselves up by remebering Sixers of the early 90’s.

It is, in fact, that bad.




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