Game #56: The Fall of Icarus

Icarus drowning bruegel


the edge of the sea concerned with itself

sweating in the sun that melted the wings’ wax

unsignificantly off the coast there was

a splash quite unnoticed this was Icarus drowning –

-William Carlos Williams

bynum dunk over goodenlament of icarus 5


It’s getting late, I don’t know… 

I don’t want to play in pain…

I’m 25, it’s my life

-Andrew Bynum

bynum depressed







And with one final, dis-spiriting press conference, the Icarian flight of Andrew Bynum Sixers has finally fallen back to earth.

Not with a great tragic tumult, but a deflating series small blows winding to downbeat conclusion… And a complete absence of sea nymphs…

Now let us pray the Sixers are ready to firmly cut the cord and not, in the spiraling denial of a gambling addict, talk themselves into a necrophiliac contract detente with the remains of Bynum’s basketball career. A bowling outing and a furtive 5-on-5 scrimmage was enough to derail an entire season.

I think those knees are shot….

Oh and the Sixers played a basketball game last night against the Chicago Bulls and our, dear, old friend, Joakim Noah. A 93 to 82 LOSS to the Chicago Bulls.

joakim noah hype


I’m sure you remember him? He of the harrowing blood feud against our City and franchise since we lustily cheered his gruesome ankle sprain in last years playoffs series with the Sixers.

noah hurt

“I’ve been thinking about it all summer, All summer, I just couldn’t wait to come back here. I just felt like when I went down last year just people cheering and stuff, I felt like that was real disrespectful and it was definitely motivating for me …”

How motivated is he? Last night’s terrifying box score of 23 points, 21 rebounds (8 offensive), 11 blocks, and 3 steals might be one of the definitely stat lines of the year

here’s 4 full minutes of Joakim’s Reign of Terror…


like most NBA players, I know you read this blog, and I want to give you some friendly advice.I’m sure demolishing the Sixers each and every time you play them feels awesome. But this isn’t a good way to live?

1) you are kicking our ass and that’s very painful for us.

B) can all this hate and negativity be good for you? Spiritually, I mean?

What happened to that fresh faced young boy we fell in love with? Fully of happiness… full of hope…

joakim noah young


Don’t let this fruitless vendetta consume you.You’re becoming a shell of your former self! You’ll look up one day and find yourself all alone… Please stop kicking our ass.

Sincerely, Your Bossom Friend,


john wayne searchers


In conclusion…. please stop kicking our ass….

And here’s one Sixers highlight just to ease the pain a bit…

We soldier on.


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