Game #52: land O’ Lakes Blues

NBA: Utah Jazz at Philadelphia 76ers

And that about sums it up in an all two familiar 94 to 87 LOSS to the very bad Minnesota Timberwolves.

But before we get to the carnage, first some pleasantries

Minnesotans are really nice people, and the inheritors of strong and proud basketball nation. Home of the original Lakers (the name made a lot more sense before the moved to LA) and the games first dominant, hipster-glasses wearing center, George Mikan.

minnesota george mikan 2 minnesota george mikan

FIERCE! Mikan was arguably the defining basketball star of the 1940’s as this Madison Square Garden Marquee clearly illustrates…

minnesota George mikan marque

Further proof that Minnesota basketball is cool, a bobblehead giveaway in honor of resident Super Fan, and 90s tie afficienado, Bill Beise.

minnesota bill beiseminnesota bill beise bobblehead


On To The Game!

In a match-up between a pair of teams so irrelevant that no one in either City could be bothered to post any video highlights to YouTube, you’ll just have to take me at my word, and these still images from people who are professionally obligated to cover the game. It was UGLY…

Spencer Hawes, Nikola Pekovic, Evan Turner minnesota pevokic block Spencer Hawes, Ricky RubioUgly betty painting

Let me re-iterate how bad Minnesota is. They have won just 3 TIMES IN THIER LAST 19 GAMES. That being said, they were up 19 points in the first half, and were able to weather the predictable Games-Already-Over-Sort-Of-Comeback and cruise to 7 point win.

Burly Serbian center, Nikola Pekovic, played his part. Punking the Sixers frontline for 27pts and 18rebs. Normally a line like that would invite a YouTube mix, but hey, it’s Sixers T-Wolves, who the hell cares…

One thing I love about Pekovic is he looks exactly like a big Serbian Center. Seriously, you couldn’t do better if you held a casting call in Belgrade.

Wizards v/s Timberwolves 03/05/11 minnesota Pevokic


Here’s what Collins had to say after the affair…

“We played terribly, I don’t know what else to say. It was terrible. No energy, no life at all. It was terrible. I can’t candy-coat it any more than that. The only thing we did in the second half was compete. We didn’t play well, we just played harder.”

So their you have it. Another Turd for the Sixers, and this time it’s not even candy-coated. Oh well…


chocolate poop


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