Returns of the Day


After a brief hiatus for the birth of the little-est GrowthPlate (which, due to a bit of savvy pre-conception planning, was born during the 2013 All Star Break ensuring a absolute minimun of missed basketball coverage).

bby joanie

I wonder if she can play Center… Let’s cover what we missed…

1) The resurgent (or maybe just surgent) Los Angeles Clippers (nee San Diego Clippers, nee Buffalo Braves)

clips bufflo braves

clipsBlakeGriffin Clips_walton_80 Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

Bandit King Chris Paul brings his Lob City Gang and the most fearsome assemblage of dunking firepower this side of the Dodge City Wars to  South Philadlphia.

dodge City Victor Mature DodgeCity peace commission captioned


The only man standing for Law, Order and the dignity of the Sixers Faithful was the Big Sheriff, Spencer Hawes.

Spencer Hawes world war champs


Let’s see how it went…

Oh My Gourd!

Sadly “Wyatt Burp” wasn’t up to the task. For, like the 10th time on GrowthPlates, let’s remember what USED to happen when you wanted to power dunk on the Sixers…

Sixers Lose, 107-90

2) Sixers/Bucks III

Another slugfest! Sixers battle their perpetual rival for the Eastern Conference playoff scraps (and the title of America’s most not-as-bad-as-you-think, rustbelt City)

rust belt map

The most frustrating Sixer of the last decade, the “Haitian Sensation” Sam Dalembert, continues his revenge campaign, going for 17 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks, and one hostage baby.

Sam dalembert white baby

Battle of draftmates and borderline all star point gaurds, Brandon Jennings vs. Jrue Holiday. Jennings wins again.

holiday jennings

That hurts.


Sixers manage to squander what ever shred of momentum they had acquired on their homestand. They go into the All Star break a lowly 22-29


Jrue Holiday all star

Take that Brandon Jennings! Here’s Jrue sweetly singing “My love is Your Love”  at the1:35 mark

That’s so cute. Plays 15 minutes. Scores 6 points. Gets this dunk.

4) The final nail in the Bynum coffin

bynum ultimate crazy hair


That’s it. I’m done. Nothing more to see here folks…



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