Game #45: Lost Boys of the 2010 draft

The Sixers deliver the rarest of commodities, an easy win. Cruising to a fast and sloppy 92-84 VICTORY over a bad Washington Wizards team.

wizards sloppy play 1NBA Washingon Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers

Nothing of real basketball merit in this game, as both teams shot and played poorly. But for once, the Sixers did not play down to the competition and applied enough pep and pressure to discourage a bad Washington team that loses about 3 out of every 4 contests.

It takes a lot to out relax Lavoy Allen, but a gassy Kevin Seraphin achieved just that by taking a squat during this Nene free throw attempt.

wizards wierd free throw

But we’ll disgress from the game for a moment and explore what GrowthPlates finds truly fascinating, the head to head match up of the wayward headliners of the storied 2010 Draft, #1 pick John Wall and #2 pick Evan Turner.

here’s 37 seconds of a signed John Wall/Evan Turner card. WOW…

The 2010 Draft… where the fickle mistress that is the NBA Lottery smiled on both the Wizards ad Sixers, catapulting them to the top of the draft board.

2010 draft odds

2010 draft kentucky fan art

2010 nba draft

One can wonder what what might have been, had probability prevailed, and the Wizards and Sixers choose 5th and 6th, likely divvy-ing up the big man spoils of DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe between them.

(Editors Note: who are we kidding, the Sixers would clearly have drafted the best, athletic-combo-forward-who-can’t-shoot available, so… Al Farouq Aminu. Again, what might have been…)

But, this is not another dig at Poor Evan Turner. Burdened by over-reaches, the #2 spot is just plain jinxed.

Over the past 5 years the #2 pick has netted the Murderer’s Row of Michael Beasly, Hasheem Thabeet, Evan Turner, Derrick Williams, and Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist. With Kidd-Gilchrist still a raw rookie, Evan Turner is currently the best basketball player of the bunch!


turner title belt

And when the #2 pick has struck gold, it’s usually because the guy drafting #1 screwed the pooch, hard. As in the 2006 Bargnani/Aldridge draft and the 2007 Oden/Durant draft.

But to have both picks produce this little three years into their NBA careers, with the threat of neither player ever making an All Star Game is something truly special. After a review of the top two picks of the last 25 years of NBA drafts, the Wall/Turner combo is in a dogfight with the 2005 draft’s Andrew Bogut/Marvin Williams pairing (Deron Williams and Chris Paul were the next 2 picks, wah-wah) for bragging rights to the 2nd worst draft in a quarter century.

2005 draft bogut williams

Who’s #1???

Your undisputed Crap Draft champion is the 1998 draft headlined by tall, homeless man, Micheal Olawandi and Mike Bibby.

1998 draft mini me mike bibby 1998 draft olowakandi


The Sixers win with a volume approach, taking 20 more shots than the Wizards. A hawkish Philly defense forced 18 turnovers, netted 9 steals, yet managed just 11 fast break points.


Primary culprit as the clueless dribble blind pushes by Turner, and Holiday’s not been great shakes either, but his woes are less explicable. The end result is that over the last 3 seasons, the Sixers have fallen from 3rd to 8th to 19th in fast break points as Turner and Holiday have taken over the ball handling duties.

Spencer Hawes posts the crappiest 12pts/11reb/4blk performance you’ll ever see. Going 4 of 13 from the field, and making Emeka Okafor look like David Robinson.

Here is he is getting stuffed from behind by John Wall

Speaking of draft busts, 2011 #6 pick Jan Vesely got just 6 minutes in this contest.


Once again demonstrating Washington’s prediliction to draft based solely off YouTube dunk mixes, even if they look like Jan Vesely.

Wow that guy can really dunk on some Serbians! too bad he can’t play basketball…

Lastly the Wall/Turner battle… let’s just say they were well matched in this game.Turner goes 3 of 11 for 6 points, Wall is 4 of 12 for 9 points. ugh.

wizards, john wall cant believe it

John Wall might be the fastest player in the NBA, faster even than Russell Westbrook.

He was a full 2 gears faster than any player on the Sixers. The problem is he shoots like Reggie Evans. The Sixers neutralized his speed advantage by playing about 15 feet of him and swarming him at the rim, forcing 5 turnovers. If he doesn’t become a plausible shooter, it’s hard to see how he’ll ever take advantage of his freakish physical gifts.

Evan Turner wanted so badly to show up John Wall (big prize), another target of Turner’s imaginary beefs

Wizards evan turner john wall beef

But the Wizards stifled him with the reverse strategy, using there swift wing defenders to smother him on the perimeter  forcing him to dribble laterally, backwards and into a lot of ugly shots. Not a good strategy. Ugly game for Turner.

Wizards turner Wall 5


The end result is a Sixers win, despite poor shooting from Holiday, Turner and Thad Young. Quietly, the Sixers have started to play with some heart, going 3 and 3 in their last 6 games, while losing a pair of heartbreakers to San Antonio and Memphis.

It’s possible the Sixers will round into form enough to compete for a meaningless playoff spot and sacrifice thier draft pick in the process.

It’s also possible, that they’ll continue to improve, add Andrew Bynum and suddenly be a scrappy, dangerous, first round opponent.

I have no idea what I am rooting for.




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