Jrue Holiday ascends the NBA celestial firmament

copernicusjrue smiling


hubble blue


The one true Silver Lining of this otherwise afflicted season has been consistently good, and at times splendid, play of one Jrue “Smiles” Holiday, doing enough to garner just the 5th non-Allen Iverson All-Star appearance for the Philadelphia 76ers in the last 22 years.


That means “The Jrue-id” rounds out the post-Barkley, non-Iverson Sixers all star roster of PG Jrue Holiday, SG Dana Barros, SF Andre Igoudala, PF Theo Ratliff, C Old Dikembe Mutumbo…

Damn! I kind of like that team! Let’s take a moment to remember those marginal all-stars of Sixers past…

Ratliff over Mutumbo! Damn!

The 2006 Dunk contest that Igoudala somehow didn’t win…

Lastly, here’s a Dana Barros mix from our good friend TheKingMisiek, lovingly scored and intercut with the Dana Barros rap single “Check it” (and yes, Dana Barros had a rap single)

Back to Jrue.

In a development that exceeded even his biggest fans expectations, four patient years have seen the metamorphosis of Holiday from a boyish, talented baller without a clue, into a boyish, talented baller with half a clue…

And the ability to levitiate…

Jrue Holiday, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howardholiday floating nut grab

If this kid ever gets a full clue, look out.

Here is what the numbers say…

Holiday is averaging a gaudy 20pts/9.5asts/4.4rebs per 40 minutes. He’s doing it with decent, but not great efficiency (52.2 TS%), and a buttload of turnovers (2nd in the league at 152!). Combine that with his solid defensive play and, my friends, you have a Borderline All Star.

Earlier in the season, GrowthPlates had decreed that Holiday had attained Class 1 Brown Dwarf Star status, but the way this kid is playing, he must think he’s a Red Dwarf or something! Putting him firmly in the strata of the NBA’s sub stars, joining the likes of Luol Deng, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Paul George. That ain’t shabby.

red dwarfhubble galaxy

The optimist’s among us will point out that Jrue is just 22, the youngest All Star in franchise history, and on a very reasonable contract. If he learns how to draw a foul, or cuts his turnovers, there is a chance that in 2 years he’s a legit franchise player.

jrue holiday UCLAJrue holiday sweaty happy

The pessimist in me sees a little bit of “big stats on a bad team”, and maybe just the reality that if he get’s you 9 assists, he probably is also getting you 4 turnovers. At times he seems more a playmaking combo-gaurd than a true point. Perhaps a sane, rich mans Delonte West (he still might sleep with your mom, though). But once again, that ain’t shabby.

Delonte glassescelestrial sphere


Jrue holiday thad fan art


But whether you are betting high or low on Jrue Holiday’s future, fact of the matter is, he’s already damn good. He’s the light at the end of the long dark tunnel that has been the 2012-13 Season.

And In closing let’s watch some Jrue Holiday!



celestrial sphere 2 celestrial map


Hubble snow angel

selling jersey’s



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