Game #42: A Buck Beatdown

A oppurtunity to show that, and this 40ft half-court drive and dunk by Nick Young…

And that is about all the good that came out of this Milwaukee tripSixers start slow, get behind by double digits, furious comeback, fall a little short… you know the story by now. Sixers tally another defeat, a 110-102 LOSS at the hands of the surging Bucks.


Doug Collins

Observations from this game:

1) An exhausted Jrue Holiday didn’t have it.

Jrue holiday cant believe it

Carrying an absurd offensive load all season, and less than 24 hours after chasing fleet Frenchmen Tony Parker around South Philly like it was the Map Round on Carmen San Diego. 

“Tony Paker is in Pennsport! He’s in Newbold! He’s in the Forgotten Bottom!”

Holiday mustered just 9 points, and 12 assists against 8(!) brutal turnovers. Ugh…

2) Turner/Hawes/Swaggy lead the way for the 2nd consecutive night, and the 2nd consecutive defeat. Lovable loser, Nick Young has scored more than 20 points 5 times this year, they’ve lost 4 of those games.

But damn it Swag, you’re just too cute, I can’t stay mad at you…

Nick-Young holy fool

3) I’ve kind of stopped mentioning it for fear of repetition, but Sixers foul shooting. Just 7 made free throws against the Bucks. Though I credit Holiday with organizing the team to plead for foul calls in 3 part harmony… LEADERSHIP…

Philadelphia 76ers Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala argue with referee Jason Phillips during their loss to New York Knicks in NBA game in New York

4) Brandon Jennings shows Jrue Holiday who the real fringe-All Star is. Spanks Holiday for the 2nd time this season going for 25 and 7.

bucks jennings holiday

5) “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Dorell Wright is Banish-ed!”

Denver Nuggets v Philadelphia 76ers Jar_Jar_banished

No Jason Richardson, but just 4 minutes for Dorell while the scrap heap backcourt of Ivey and Wilkins get 33 minutes… EEEWWWWW…….

So those are the notables.

Tomorrow’s Feature “The Herzog-ian Madness of Doug Collins”


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