Game #41: A Mid-Season Night’s Dream

midsumer nights dream 3

And with a 90 to 85 LOSS to the San Antonio Spurs, The woe-be-gotten 76ers complete the first half of the NBA calendar, and continue the fevered dreamscape of their 2012-13 campaign.

This microcosm game featured a de rigueur first half blow-out with the Sixers mustering just 35 points, an improbable Spencer Hawes/Nick Young led comeback to take a 7 point lead with less than 4 minutes to play, and the steely (almost bored) calm of the Spurs as they wake up from their nap and outscore the Sixers by a preposterous 20 to 3 margin over those final 4 minutes.

Doug Collins recent entry into the hyper-intense “No Necktie” coaches club not withstanding, Gregg Popovich, he is not…

Doug Collinsgreg popovich yelling


I mean look at that dude, you don’t want to mess with Pop’s. The longest tenured coach working in American pro sports, Popovich has won 4 NBA titles, and has a Bachelor’s in Soviet studies from Air Force Academy.

In his spare time he speaks fluent Russian…

and Captain’s the submarine Red October…

gregg-popovich most interesting man in the worldsean_connery__the_hunt_for_red_october_wallpapers__by_bormoglot-d5gsinf



As we have crested this NBA season, let’s take a moment to reflect on exactly where the 76ers are with the Icarian Gambit of Andrew Bynum.

Los Angeles Lakers at Hola Bowla

5 months ago we traded our overpaid and disgruntled star Andre Igoudala, seldom used rookie Nic Vucevic (now the 4th leading rebounder in the NBA) and assorted draft picks to land Superstar Center Andew Bynum. And Sixer-dom rejoiced!

Wow! That feels like a longtime ago. Sadly, mysterious knee ailments, bowling injuries, creepy haircuts, and a aloof demeanor (and a possible an unsolved strangulation murder) have been Bynum’s only contribution to the Philadelphia area…

andrew bynum strangler


The Sixers have decided to embody the Bynum saga in the form of a convoluted $600,000 NASA-designed “Anti Gravity Treadmill” bought specifically to aid the Bynum recovery. Turns out it’s broken.

anti gravity treadmill


Just for reference that’s a 7 foot, 300 pound toddler. She’ll be starting at Center for the Sixers tonight…

In the unlikely event that Bynum actually makes it onto the basketball court this year, the 76ers will have the unenviable choice of deciding whether to double down, and propose max-contract marriage to this giant ass of a basketball player, or cut their already substantial losses.

midsummer nights dream

So that will be interesting. ANDREW BYNUM everybody!

bynum fat albert




1) Evan Turner leads the Sixers with a line of 18pts/12reb/7asts, and his best performance since his 22 point effort against the Lakers on New Years Day. Whatever.

2) Kwame Brown growing Potpurri of DNP’s. so far this year Strained Calf, Sinus Inection, Personal Matter, Coaches Decision.   Hoping to add Brusitis and Hip Flexor before the season is through…

kwame lottery

3) Shelvin MACK. The new, smiley addition to the Sixers backcourt sees his first action!

shelvin mack smile

Makes a bucket in 3 minutes and provides the thinnest of excuses for me to show this…


1) Tony Parker continues to bedevil Jrue Holiday. Flummoxed by his pick and roll mastery, Jrue has some of his worst games against the Spurs (remember this nightmare game a year ago?). 13 missed shots, and 6 turnovers, and Parker takes over in the stretch to shut the door…

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at San Antonio Spurs

2) GrowthPlates is officially over Dorell Wright. getting the Start in place of the injured Richardson he didn’t give much, 3 points, and the usual somnolent defense. Here he is losing Kwahi Leonard on a soft double of Tim Duncan…


A week late on this, but poor Lou Williams. Having a season in Atlanta that could only be described as Lou Williams-esque, that sprite-ly gunner sees his season ended with an ACL tear. Not a good thing for the career of an undersized guard who depends on his first step.

lou williams injury Lou Williams knee injury

GrowthPlates wishes him a full and speedy recovery.





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