Game #37: The Streak is OVER!

What a RELIEF!

Not the losing streak or anything, that continues, as the free falling Sixers fall in a 90 to 72 BAD LOSS to the very bad Toronto Raptors.

Wilkins surroundedold timey basketball

But the horrendous streak of 3 consecutive losses by 20 or more points (the first time this has happened  to the Sixers since 1995) comes to a merciful end as the Sixers show the defensive grit to only lose by 18. They avoid becoming just the 8th team in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL, to lose 4 consecutive games by 20 points or more.


On to the Game!

Ok. It’s nice that they didn’t lose by 20, i don’t want to seem ungrateful… but mustering only 72 points against the leagues 23rd ranked defense is a real problem.

kidder massacre

And the annual whispers of a Collins firing swirl again…

Collins finally made a half hearted line-up change. Giving Jason Richardson the night off, and moving Wright into the starting line-up. Not that it mattered. Wright floats for 7 points and 2 rebounds in 32 minutes, providing some inkling of why Golden State was willing to trade Wright for this 29 year old basketball “prospect”.

edin bavcic action edin bavcic

A decent game from Thad (16pts/7rebs) a bad game from Jrue, and Evan Turner back in full on Diarrhea mode, leaving skid marks all over the Canadian hardwood. 39% from the floor, and the aforementioned 72 points.

Crazy-Ass Amir Johnson led the way for the Raps with 19pts/12rebs and his usual batshit hustle in pursuit of the basketball.

amir johnson ball amir johnson in traffic

Amir Johnson Crazy ink

Did I mention that he’s really crazy and wants the basketball?

On a lighter note, I think Toronto and Philly are well matched in the battle of the “2nd tier franchise, courtside Super Fans”. I think these diehards provide a real window into the soul of a City.

For Toronto, it’s gregarious Sikh car salesmen, Nav Bhatia. Ontario’s #1 Hyundia Dealer! Nav Bhatia Hyundia!Nav_Bhatia- #1

nav bhatia elephant nav bhatia hot india lady

For the Sixers, it’s the grumpy, white haired, jewish grandfather Al Horowitz, who is somehow allowed to sit at the end of the teams bench. Also possessing a penchant for getting a little too close to the action…

alan horowtiz back alanhorwitz kobe

And nipping at his heels is Big Daddy, a dancing morbidly obese man in a  wig.

big daddy spence big daddy

If that’s not Philly, I don’t know what is…

God Damn it Sixers! I just don’t know how to quit you…


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