Game #33: Lottery Land Beckons…

Jrue Holiday, Pau Gasol, Dwight HowardNBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Los Angeles Lakers

Still basking in the post-coital afterglow of Holidays climatic jam in LALA land, a tired and  fluid depleted Sixers team staggers into the Phoenix and gets torched by the Suns starting line-up of a bad Suns team.

The Sixers give up 31 first quarter points, play catch up the whole game, and for the 3rd time in 7 games, Two Step a good win with a bad loss. (sigh)


At least Spencer Hawes was able to get a good deal on some bank foreclosed properties, and get sworn in as an “Honorary Deputy” by his hero and ideological mentor, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. AMERICA!!!

foreclosure phoenix

joe arpaio 2 Joe arpaio

spencer hawes flag


Barely 2 days old, 2013 has eloquently offered us the puzzle of this Sixers season. As the team seems lost in Hamlet-ian oscillations from resolve to ennui. A team undecided about how it wants to play, and whether on not it is any good…


hamlet branagh


1) Jrue Holiday again. Not a great game, but a triple double is a triple double. Holiday goes for 16/10/10. But has trouble with his shot, and commits an unfortunate 6 turnovers…

Holiday agitated

2) some decent basketball from Lavoy Allen and Dorell Wright (who have stabilized from early season swoons), but I’m really scraping the barrel here, as not much good happens when you lose to a team that hasn’t won in 2 weeks.


1)Sixers supporting cast: not enough from Evan and Thad, 13 and 14 points respectively. And good game from either one would probably have been the difference between a win and a loss.

lavoy stuffen by oneil

Sixers frontcourt D: after shutting down the Howard and Gasol, the 76ers can’t contain the flying elbows and stinky armpits of  Luis Scola. He racks up 14 nettlesome points in the 3rd as the Suns pull away for good.

scola suns scola sweaty


The Sixers maddening malaise. A win in Phoenix would have probably been the difference between Success and Disaster on this 8 game road trip. Instead the boys will need to steal a win against formidable competition in OKC or San Antonio just to avoid catastrophe.

The cushion and optimism of their early wins now depleted, the Sixers appear to be embarking on a slow sink to lottery land…


There on the pendant boughes, her Coronet weeds
Clambring to hang; an enuious sliuer broke,
When downe the Weedy Trophies, and her selfe,
Fell in the weeping Brooke, her cloathes spred wide,
And Mermaid-like, a while they bore her vp,
Which time she chaunted snatches of old tunes,
As one incapable of her owne distresse,
Or like a creature Natiue, and indued
Vnto that Element but long it could not be,
Till that her garments, heauy with her drinke,
Pul’d the poore wretch from her melodious buy,
To muddy death.


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