Games #30 & 31: Weekend Double Dump

The Sixers west coast swing turns sour, with a pair of kind-of-close/not-really losses in the die-hard hoops towns of Oakland and Portland. A 96 to 89 LOSS in Oak-town, followed by an 89 to 85 Loss in Portlandia…

Let’s talk about the Warriors, the staggering devotion of thier fanbase (Celebrity headliner, Jessica Alba) should be noted. routinely selling out inspite of making the playoffs ONCE in 19 seasons.

warriors fans 2 warriors fans jessica alba Warriors fans

I shudder to think how such a disasterous run would have been greated by Sixers fanbase, I guess obscenely good weather takes the edge off a bit

A few moments on the hard luck Warriors fans. This is the floodgates opening. A catharthic arena shaking release during that lone play-off appearance in 2007, as the shamefully undersized “WE BELIEVE” Warriors upset the #1 seed Mavericks and league MVP Dirk Nowitski.

This would be just about the lone moment of joy, as the Oakland fanatics were routinely betrayed by meddling and miserly owner Chris Cohan, and Prophetic cult leader/head coach Don Nelson.

Don Nelson Don Nelson portrait Don Nelson wine

Good News for the Oakland Faithful, new owner Joe Lacob has restored sanity, order, and defensive discipline, and this exciting young warriors club is now 20 and 10.

Bad News for the Oakland faithful, new owner Joe Lacob is facilitating the theft of the team to San Francisco…

While this might be crushing for those truehearted fans in Oakland, come on it’s San Francisco, these folks deserve an NBA franchise…

giant bubble dolores park Dolores park hippies

San Fran nude

san fran unicorn rainbow


 WEEKEND GAME 1 vs Warriors

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Golden State Warriors



Not too much to say here, a decent defensive effort in a fast paced game, but not nearly enough offense. Jrue Holiday (21pts/10ast) and Thad Young (19pts/10reb/5stls) were only two 76ers to show up. Sixers pay tribute to Warriors center Andris Biedrins by missing 9 free throws. That didn’t help….

The game did produce a basket of notable highlights…

Nick Young tantalized with some pirouette jumpers earlier this season, he REALLY went for it this time…

Thaddues Young dunks from 20 feet with one step and no dribble… Burning Spear!

And finally, it was this kind of night… Wright blows the breakaway, loses a sneaker, and Jarrett Jack helpfully chucks it into the Bay.

WEEKEND GAME 2 vs Trail Blazers



This perpetually intriguing Blazers squad seems to finally be emerging from the shadow of the chronic knee explosions that seem to plague basketball platers in Portland (as I say this, I’m sure both of Damien Lillards knee’s just imploded…). Led by a luminous effort from the gliding, sweet-shooting Frenchman, Nicolas Batum, the Blazers stay one step ahead of the sinking Sixers.

batum eiffel tower batum reverse layup



NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Portland Trail Blazers


Powered by a robust reliquary of Saint Theresa, the Lisieux born forward goes for 22pts/7rebs/8asts and a couple blocks for good measure.

liseoux france lisioux grotto lisiuex St. theresa

Once again, Jrue and Thad seem to be the only Sixers capable of overcoming jetlag, as Evan Turner, Jason RIchardson and Dorell Wright score 11 points in 78 minutes… in fairness it was well past their bedtimes.

After a month of play that quieted Turner’s critics, he has murdered the team on this west coast swing. in 3 games, he scored 15 points (including efforts of 1 point and 4 points) on 7-25 shooting with 11 turnovers. Welcome back, Evan…

turner big head


Long story short, the 76ers drop to 14 and 17, with no relief in sight. Three of the next four games against the Lakers, the Thunder and the Spurs.

oh boy.


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