Game #28: forget wins for now…

The GrowthPlates gang hopes everyone in global Hoops-dom enjoyed a very happy holiday!

kwanzaa drawing

The Sixers (once again) sat out the NBA Christmas Day back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back 5 game Wassail; the great national showcase for the games iconic teams and players.

These guys, for instance…

Instead our boy’s will be given the honor of playing during Wednesday’s coveted “First Night of Kwanzaa” slate featuring barnburner match-ups like Cavs vs. Wizards, Hornets vs. Magic, and Kings vs. Trailblazers. FAN-tastic!

you might assume from this line-up that the NBA hates Kwanzaa, but let me assure you, that is not the case. The Assocation would just rather not take away from tonight’s important celebration of the principle of Imoja with something as distracting as a compelling basketball game.

kwanzaa trent lott

So tonight while we are celebrating the unity of family, community, and nation, let’s also light a special candle for the Sixers as the embark on a harrowing 7 game western road trip against the NBA’s elite. the kind of trip that could send this teetering season spiraling out of control.

But let’s review what we missed the last few days…

The Sixers squeezed one game in after Friday’s Solstice powered demolition of the Atlanta Hawks. Sunday’s 95 to 92 LOSS in Brooklyn to a thoroughly decent Nets team.

I was excited about the Nets moving to Brooklyn, but I can’t remember why, since all that really happened was a decent but unlikeable team found the Association’s pre-eminent self-important, faux-bohemian, fanbase

nats fans Nets hipster fans

They are SOOO URBAN!

But I guess having these guys courtside helps your credibility….

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West

The actual upside is having another team in the Atlantic division to actively dislike. A near perfect geographic/cultural rivalry conglomeration of Boston, Manhatten, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, oh right… and theToronto Raptors as the irrelevant stepchild, maybe they can move to AC or something…

Quick thoughts on the Brooklyn game:

GrowthPlates was hoping against hope for more of the berserker intensity the Sixers found in the Atlanta game, but not to be. The Nets reeled off a devastating, unanswered 18 point run in the first half. The Sixers never quite recovered.

The Sixers get a strong game from Jrue Holiday and Thaddues Young, and not that much from anyone else, as the lanquid offensive attack nets 93 points with the help an after-the-fact burst of 8 points in the last 19 seconds.

Holiday limited the long two’s en route to 26pts/9ast/6reb. Including 3 3’s, and some nifty layups.


Sixers would show some spunk in several sysiphian charges, only to tumble down at the summit at the hands of an uncharitable Joe Johnson, sinking a pair of dagger 3’s all the way from Brownsville.


The rest of the gang: Evan and Lavoy were OK, but the Richardson/Wright/Hawes trifecta makes only 6 baskets in 27 attempts. Not enough firepower to overcome 30 free throw attempts by the Nets.

But the bitter taste didn’t last long as Big Spence got exactly what he wanted for Christmas…

Spencer hawes segway

That should toughen him up… Guys, make sure he wears a helmet, ok?

Postgame, Collins defies the Basketball Gods, with a daring blaming of the refs. Risky, but I guess it’s impossible for the Sixers to draw any less fouls..

What else happened in the NBA over the holiday? 

griffin paul sweaters matt barnes sweaters
Chris bosh puppies

Is anyone suprised that Chris Bosh is the guy in the puppy pile? Me either…

Happy Kwanzaa.


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