Game #26: Belated thoughts on… God Damn it…

That was fun!

Sixers play the anti-Sixers, and if there was question about whether you would want to be Philadelphia or it’s complete opposite, the question was answered in a resounding 125 to 103 DRUBBING by the Houston Rockets

The ferocious, odd couple rocket guard tandem of impossiblly polite, Harvard educated,  media sensation, Jeremy Lin, and  cuddly Lycanthrope and basketball Superstar, James Harden.

harden shirtless Lin nerd

harden Lin


The jist of the game; No Jrue Holiday, and Evan Turner departs with sprained ankle in the 2nd quarter. And with him departed any prayer of competent defense at the guard spots…

Kevin Johnson, Evan Turner

In their absence, the Herculian task of slowing down the deadly Pick and Roll Hydra would fall to Maalik Wayns, Jason Richardson, and Dorell Wright…

Did I mention the Rockets scored 125 points?

Here’s what it looked like as the tandem scored 51 points and 13 asssists on just 24 shots and 3 turnovers.

hydra hercules The Aristocratic Hydra, c. 1789

hydra hercules 2

I mentioned these guys were the anti-Sixers, right? Sure James Harden is one of the elite offensive players in the NBA, but watch Lin pushing the ball again and again for transition plays, even after Sixers made baskets, just a relentless attack at the rim.

Compare that to the Sixers walk it up, dribble up top, some stupid hand-off take a 20 foot jumper offense, Sixers Basketball! But we’ll delve deeper into the Sixers offensive philosohpy (with Houston as counterpoint) this weekend.

Let’s get back to James Harden

harden decapitation


Junior Associate werewolf Hunter, Evan Turner, made a game effort of decapitating Harden in the first quarter, but this only enraged Harden, who went on to break Turner’s ankle’s minutes later.

Man, James Harden… When was the last time we saw this kind of power, playmaking, and hirsute lovability on a basketball court?

teen wolf

In conclusion:

The Sixers with Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday are a mediocre and occasionally dangerous basketball team. Without Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday it is an unmitgated disaster at both ends of the floor.

The Rockets are a dangerous offense, and against a team that can’t defend the Pick and Roll, thier unstoppable.


It’s getting bad here.



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