Game #25: Mama Rasheed Returns!

Before tip-off we sat down with a dis-spirited Sixers superfan, Mama Rasheed

Mama Rasheeds Corner

Thoughts on the Lakers game:

Before the [Lakers] game, I think we should have won. But [Kobe] is always so good! And they made so many 3’s! I like to watch them when they play [the Lakers] .

[Kobe] thinks he’s a GENIUS! he is very good, you notice when they play, but I don’t like him, he thinks he is the smartest, all the time.

I say, if they win this game [against the Mavericks], they will make the playoffs. I say, if they lose, we are not going to make the playoffs. But what does it MATTER? We are not going to WIN in the playoffs!

but [the Sixers always] start good, but later… I don’t know.

On Turner’s recent improvements:

He is playing very good. he is listening, but he becomes upset in the beginning, whenever something bad happens. when they say “a foul!” and he says “No I didn’t!”.

On the frustrating play of Spencer Hawes:

[Hawes] Only he holds his hands up and jumps, he gets on my nerves. he thinks he did something good but HE DID NOTHING!

On the assemblage of the current Sixers team:

He brought pieces from here, here, here. Put them together, and they are not together! I don’t know what to say. [Collins] just seems sad. Why did he pick these players?

Oh well, we start from the beginning again…

Oh well, indeed… Mama Rasheed’s Jajik recipe can be found at the bottom of the post.

Before we get to the game let’s remember a notable Dallas/Philly Basketball moment and perhaps my earliest basketball memory, the Dr. J Farewell Tour.

Dr. J rocking chair

Erving had announced his impending retirement before the 1986-87 season, and in each city he played, he would come out before tip, make a speech, be presented souvenirs, get regaled by his opponents, and occasionally be made to sit in a rocking chair… I guess he was popular…

As a 5 year old I remember thinking

“Isn’t Dr. J a basketball player? Why is he dressed like my dad? Why are they giving him a tie? Is it because he is also a doctor?”

Apparently making players sit in (enormous) rocking chairs was a thing in the 80’s…

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Portrait


Sixers defense is once again pitiful as the are slashed by OJ Mayo and pounded by bjergtrolde warrior Chris Kaman in a 107-100 LOSS to the Dallas Mavericks (and as foreseen by Mama Rasheed, the death of their playoff chances…)


Derrick Fisher goes down in the first with what looked like a career ending knee injury. It’s a shame that didn’t happen in at the Wells Fargo Center, We could have offered him the Philadelphia Crown of Laurels

Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks

Turns out it was just a knee sprain…


1) Dorell Wright’s jumper is found! Apparently he needed to hit rock bottom first. After this 3 point shot attempt (and I use the term loosely)

Dorell would swish back to back 3’s going 7 for 11 the rest of the way (7 for 13 overall). Maybe it’s just  an Indian Summer, but this Dorell Wright could certainly help this team…

Also a nice pump fake to set up a give and go basket with Turner. We could use some more of that since none of our wings can dribble.

2) Spencer Hawes was ok, I guess… Statistically his best game getting a very efficient 18 points (8 for 8 from the line) and 7 rebounds. I don’t care, he still sucks…

3) Maalik Wayns couldn’t hit a shot, but played the badly needed role of facilitator, picking up 9 assists against 0 turnovers. Watching Turner and Wright attempt to initiate the offense was painful in the first half.


1) Another turd game from Thad… Just as he had been the unheralded linchpin of their early defensive success, right now he is the unheralded demise. Looking lost and out of position…

2) Kwame observations: an uncontested jumper by Kaman, an uncontested layup by Kaman, and why does he tap out rebounds he could easily grab?

kwame rebound

Right, becuase he is wearing invisible oven mitts


Sixers Defense slips further into despair as the thoroughly tepid Dallas offense scores 107 points on 54% shooting, and 29 free throw attempts. Wheels are coming off…

wheels coming off

Mama Rasheed’s Recipes:


Cucumber peeled and seeded (2-3 depending on type and size)
1-2 cups yogurt, preferably greek style
1 garlic clove, minced
Grate the cucumber.  Wrap in a cloth and wring out any excess liquid.
Strain yogurt if not greek style.
In a bowl, mix together cucumber, yogurt, garlic, and salt to taste.
Top with dried mint and drizzle with olive oil.
Serve as a dip with fresh vegetables, pita bread, or pita chips.

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