Game #23: And maybe the wheels are coming off…

A 85 to 95 LOSS to the thoroughly mediocre Indiana Pacers. Another deep fringe contender who saw thier prospects crater with the disappearance of their all star Center.

hoy RIbbert

But instead of a freak bowling injury keeping thier big man off the court. Pacers Center Roy Hibbert has been AWOL while re-enacting the major plot points of the Parent Trap, leaving his less basketball-talented, and heretofore unknown, identical twin Hoy Ribbert to man the middle for  Indy.

parent trap

Let’s just say Hoy’s been about as effective as Andrew Bynum. Miring the Pacers in mediocrity and leaving the hoops fans of the Hoosier state to ask themselves, “where in the hell is Roy Hibbert!?”

I found him. At the 1:07 mark…

While I am sure that many Pacers fans would prefer to have seen that polished footwork on the blocks, that is exactly the kind of zany antics you need to execute if you have any hope of getting your estranged parents to reunite.

black family

In any event, we might look back at this game as the moment the friscalating mirage of the strong start vanished, and we stared our startling deficiencies square in the eye.

Hibber Hawes dunk

Hoy goes off for 19pts/13rebs/3ast, the Holiday-less 76ers were lucky to crawl to 85 points, and Paul George delivered a stirring treatise entitled Clowning Jason Richardson: on ball screens, off ball screens, and fundamental truths on the absence of Andre Igoudala”

It went something like this…

Long story short; against the league’s #2 ranked defense, and missing the foot sprained Jrue Holiday, the Sixers were very lucky to get to 85 points.

In fact, if not for a flurry of ball pressure that saw the Sixers score 6 points in the final 3 seconds of first half (more on that in a moment) they would have been in the 70’s.

That anemic offense was predictable, and a mediocre defensive effort just wasn’t going to be sufficient.


A rare  moment of ball pressure: 5 seconds left in the half after a David West make. Damien Wilkins (who?) takes an inbound and drives to the rim drawing a foul. Makes a pair. 3seconds remaining, full court pressure, Thad steals the inbound, Turner Layup. 1second remaining, full court pressure, David West bad pass, Spencer Hawes desperation fall away as time expires. CRAZY! Sixers take a 2 point lead into the half.

Here is some of it.


Evan Turners’ Fools Gold: Playing point in the absence of the wounded Holiday. Sure the 20pts/10rebs is good, but 5 assists 5 turnovers for you starting point guard is not. Turner fails to play facilitator and doesn’t find much for his dribble impaired teammates.

turner big head

Sixers find the antidote for Hoy Ribbert’s malaise: His name is Kwame Brown. Attempting to “get some size out there“; the Sixers, in fact, “get some suck out there“. Kwame Brown plays 21 minutes, grabs 1 lonely rebound.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Indiana Pacers

3 point shooting: Jason Richardson still of the mark, Dorell Wright’s jumper lost deep in the primeval forest, the Sixers go 3 for 12, and look a hell of a lot like last years team, minus the defense.

forest primeaval


Collins Game Plan: If it’s not completely apparent, GrowthPlates enjoys an irrational love affair with Doug Collins. But come on…

Instead of playing small and trying to run on the slow footed Pacers, Collins plays the half court game and seems content to trade jumpers with the Pacers. A season low 8 fast break points…

eros and psyche



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