Sixers/Bulls preview

Sixers/Bulls again…

Iggy turner game 6

it’s wierd how nearly every game is feeling like a potential watershed moment in this Sixers season.

Obviously, GrowthPlates blind obsession with with Sixers, and the structuring of the editorial staffs entire lives around chronicling this star-crossed campaign is partially responsible. but I suspect every game seems so portentous because a quarter of the way through the season, we still has no idea whether it’s really competing for a playoff run, or crashing into the draft lottery..

star crossed

Right now the Sixers are a respectable 12-9, good for the 4th best record in the Eastern Conference, and a first round playoff rematch with these Chicago Bulls. That sounds good, right?

The flip side of the coin is that they’ve played the league’s cake-iest schedule, won a whole mess of close games (usually something that is hard to pull off over a course of the season, Evan Turner’s now diagnosed case of Cajones Giganticus not withstanding), and have been blown out repeatedly.

In fact, these signs auger so poorly, that basketball nerd, MIT luminary, and artificially intelligent cyborg, John Hollinger’s (his love is real…) recently released Playoff Forecast projects that, based on their play to date, the Sixers have only a 39% of making the playoffs at all!


So in conclusion, who in the Hell knows…

In the spirit of getting us juiced for tonight’s playoff game, let’s revisit some Sixers/Bulls moments…

Last Years Playoffs again, forgive the handicam recording, but this is the only video that shows how physical and insane the last 2 minutes of this game were. Highlight’s are Spencer’s clutch finish at the 2:10 mark, and Thad’s wild layup and Spencer Hawes game saving (uncalled) flagrant foul on Asik starting at the 6:45 mark.

And this absolutely sick young Barkley young Jordan duel at the Spectrum, 1988Why is this video 14 minutes long? Becuase Jordan and Barkley combined for 94 points, 25 rebounds, and 6 steals… here is every single one of them…

and finally, as seen before on GrowthPlates, a passing of the torch moment. As the undisputed face of the NBA meets his successor on the court for the first time….


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