Game #21: Keep on Truckin’

The Sixers bounce back from yet another beatdown, with yet another narrow win against a bad basketball team…

Sixers Pistons dec 10

A 104 to 97 WIN against the Detroit Pistons. A match against the drippy Pistons defense was a soothing balm for the Sixers chaffed offense, scoring over 100 points for the first time in 7 games.

What’s wrong with the Pistons D? well this is a start…

In fairness to Brandon Knight, Holiday took a great angle, using the blistering gravitional pull of Sixers superfan “Big Daddy” to get his defender off balance

big daddy

Suffice to say Holiday and Turner got off. Getting into the paint at will, combing for 43 points and 15 assists.

And in some mildly encouraging news to garnish this mildly encouraging win, Andrew Bynum’s right knee (that’s his non-bowling knee for those who haven’t following too closely) is feeling peachy! So he’s back to having only one completely unusable knee, that’s a 50% improvement in the situation, and keeps the notion that Bynum might actually be a constructive member of the Sixers on life support. That moves our Bynum Gloom Index from this…

bynum mushroom hair

to this…

bynum fat albert

Here’s what Bynum had to say:

“There’s nothing I can really do about it. It’s arthritis in the knees, cartilage is missing so that’s not going to regrow itself. Maybe in the future, in the next 3 to 5 years maybe there’s something out there that really does help, but for right now it’s really just a waiting game”

On Second thought, let’s adjust it back down to this…

bynum moderately optimistic


On To The Game!


1) Good Holiday/Good Turner; this is the kind of game that shows the dual combo guard backcourt at it’s best . Going for 43pts/16reb/15ast against only 4 turnovers, and a combined 17 points in the 4th to finally get separation and ice it.

turner holiday

2) The Offensive Glass: After getting obliterated by the burly Detroit Bigs in the last meeting, the Sixers fight fire with fire last night. Detriot grabs 14 o-boards against 49 missed FG’s, good for a robust 28%. Sixers snag 13 against 38 misses, good for 34%. Effectively nuetralizing one of Dertoit’s biggest advantges.

3) Sxers D: The pistons muscle there way to the Free Throw line, but can’t do much else. They shoot 39% from the floor and 28% from three. enough to offset 33 free throw attempts and give the Sixers a shot…

4) Continued box score wierdness from Lavoy Allen. 17 minutes, 4 pts, 5 reb, 2 blks. +16?!? plus minus divination in basketball is akin to astrology, but I think the signs auger in the direction of Lavoy Allen being better than his box score

astrological chart

5) Sixers Bench; fueled by 15 points from a clinically dead for 7 minutes Spencer Hawes, the Sixers bench provides 24 needed points, and is not a gaping sore.

6) An Evan Turner put back dunk! “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”

Put that one in the scrap book! Once again, I think Big Daddy’s gravitational mass has something to do with it. That’s what I call a homecourt advantage. It’s like knowing the seams in the Vet’s astro turf, or the angles at Fenway…

big daddy spence


Free Throw Defense: Sixers get burned for an uncharacteristic 33 free throw attempts from Detroit. Avoiding shooting fouls is one of the few areas of defense where the Sixers have excelled this year. It nearly cost them the game last night…


Sixers are one of the worst Free Throw shooting teams in the league, paring  the 5th worst rate of attempts with the 9th worst accuracy.

Accuracy was the issue last night, as the team shot a laughable 52%, apparently taking some tips from this guy..




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