Game #19: YYESS!! NOOO!! YYESSSSS!!!!


Celtics lose

A 95 to 94 OVERTIME WIN over the Boston Celtics!

Wow, that definitely felt like we had lost the game on a half dozen occasions. These two teams have played each other an incredible 12 times since April, and it seems like the same God Damn game every single time….

groundhogs day

Really more about which team would blow it less, both teams missing a combined 136 game winning shots, before Brass-Nuts Turner hits the dagger, and Rondo muffs the counter dagger as time expires.

“Taste my sack, Boston!” Evan Turner

evan turner boston Boston Celtics douche

Here is what Collins had to say on the effort and Turner’s game winner:

“You shoot 37 percent, 18 percent from three, Jrue fouls out, and we find a way to win the game.

It’s easy to take that shot (Turners Game Winner) when you’ve hit for of five in a row. But when you miss six or 7, you turn it over, and to come down and hit that shot… THAT’S big time…

When [Turner] gets comfortable and hes happy with the things around him, he thrives. Any time you talked to anyone associated with Evan he’s always been a guy who needs to feel secure. And I feel real good about how he’s letting me coach him right now, he’s letting me coach me…

I dont know that Evan has trusted a lot of people in his life, but I hope he trusts me….”

Collins Turner teaching


1)Evan Turner’s humongous testicles. He should see a doctor, those things are gross.

In seriousness, Evan’s balls strike the classical proportions of greek tragedy. They are his transcendant strength and also his fatal flaw.

Case in point,In a flurry of failed iso possessions, (and one horrific turnover) Evan still had the patholigical confidence to make and take the game winner. Evan’s good balls: 26pts/10reb/5ast. Evan’s bad balls: 26 shots, 4 turnovers, 4 fouls, and fittingly a plus/minus of ZERO.

Stat line aside, he did this….

By way of tribute, we will exume Sam Cassell’s “I’m holding my humongous and tender balls” dance:


2) Contrary to all statistical evidence, Lavoy Allen had nice game. Kevin Garnett’s sleepy shadow, Only 2 for 5 in 32 minutes. good for 8pts/11reb. Garnett a hyper efficient 17 and 11. But guess what Garnett an uncharacteristic -10(!) Lavoy plus 4. Garnett misses some game winners and shies away from the last shot with Allen on his back. Lavoy made him work the whole game.

3)Sixers D. It looks a lot better against teams that don’t post or work the offensive boards. Sixers maintained an uncharacteristic level of intensity, aided by 14 solid minutes from Wilkins. Aggressive switching on the perimeter, and a visibly relieved Hawes freed to stand under the basket with his hands up. Thad, once again, the burning spear.

43% shooting, 27% from three, 19 turnovers for Boston


The Jruth. Boston thought they could fluster him with ball pressure and traps. They were correct. Disjointed, and helpless against the boston defensive scheme, the silver lining is a aggressive defensive effort, that fouled him out in overtime.

Dorell Wright: hmm… let’s let Doug take this one…

“The one thing I always had coaches who gave me freedom to shoot as long as i did the other things on the floor… you put tremendous demands on your team defensively, and you give the freedom offensively. the moment you start handcuffing guys, they’re looking around…

Now not taking… Dorrell passed up 4 or 5 shots  tonight… I don’t care if you miss 5, hit the 6th. You are a Shooter, you are out there to shoot.”

You have to shoot it Dorell. Even having the teams most tasteful beard won’t save you…

wright beard THE UGLY:

Sixers offensive set: Sixers continue the run the offense were Spence or Lavoy escort a double team over to Jrue Holiday. Can we just dispense with doubling ourselves and just let Jrue and Evan play Iso? Less is more, Doug…



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