GrowthPlates International

george mcgovern

In clear violation of all sense and reason, in it’s first month of existence GrowthPlates has been read 1,500 times in 23 Sovereign Nations, over 5 continents (I’m looking at you, Mark Cohen!). Most recently welcoming the Indian Subcontinent to the holy communion of Ecstatic Sixerdom.

In conclusion, the Internet be CRAZY...

In celebration of the sweet sweet love making now happening between Planet Earth and Basketball, let me show this incongruously scored, Lavoy Allen mix.

That was inspirational, but of course begs the bigger question, why in Gods Name is their a Lavoy Allen mix? Who put this together? His girlfriend, his high school buddy? Nope!

The answer is Polish youtube maven and Ecstatic Basketball Oracle TheKingMisiek. A transcendent Slavic visionary to rival even the great Prince Krakus and Polish NBA pioneer Cezary Trybanski.

king krakus memphis international

The King has authored over 250 NBA mixes inexplicably focused on the exploits of journeyman frontcourt players, set to (presumably Polish) HipHop instrumental tracks. All of this in further supporting my inital supposition, the Internet be CRAZY….

Here is a Popeye Jones 1990’s mix,

and here is some Big Country, Bryan Reeves for you

and how about Sixers legend Tyrone Hill for old times sake

Needless to say, TheKingMisiek is an intellectual simpatico of the GrowthPlates mission, and with the help of his Youtube channel and some Google translate, expect to see a lot more of him on this blog…

gortat slam

by way of homage to the great people of Poland allow me to close on this…


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