Game #16: The Real Evan Turner?

The Sixers pull a out a 104-98 ROAD WIN, against a fiesty Bobcats squad.


I really, really, like this Bobcat’s team, basically they are the Junior Varsity Sixers. Not particularly good at anything, not big, or fast; just pugnacious,  and ready to win an ugly basketball game at a moments notice.

I am especially taken with their 19 year old spiritual leader, indefatigable heart and hustle hurricane, Camden’s own, Michael Kidd Gilchrist (more on his tragic childhood here).

mkg floor

In any event, he can’t shoot and he can’t dribble. but he just outworks everyone on the court.

Between Kidd-Gilchrist, Congolese basketball ingenue Bismack Biyombo, and BJ Mullen’s dirt-stache, the future is bright for the Bobcats.

biyombo smile



1) Jason Richardson is A SHOOTER. And it’s nice to finally have one. Perhaps the best shooter to wear a Sixers jersey since face rub-er and short shorts holdout Jeff Hornacek.

Sixers hornacek hornacek fan art

Back to Richardson. The Bobcats surging in the 4th, Sixers back on thier heels, they erase a 10 point 76ers lead. The Sixers aren’t hitting, and no one can stop Bismack Biyombo (and yes this is the first time this sentence has ever been written, Bismack goes for a career high 14pts)

Tied 83-83 with 7:23 to go in the game. Richardson hits a deep three from the left elbow, and another deep three from the right elbow, and another ungaurded corner three, and (after passing up an open corner with 2 minutes to play to milk the clock) one more open corner three to seal it.

All told he goes off for 14 points in under 7 minutes. Singlehandedly outscores the Bobcats and winning the game for the Sixers. I invite opposing teams to continue to leave him open in the corner. 

Here’s a Richardson treat…

2) Is this the real Evan Turner? Dare we dream? looking more and more like the player everyone thought they drafted 28 months ago, Turner picks up for a slumping Holiday going for 25/10 on only 15 shots. But can I really trust this Fruit Loop? Will visiting hometown chicago bring back childhood memories, forcing a descent into delusional Pouty Evan tonight? completely unpredictable.

evan turner crazy

Collins has been diligently pouring over Tycho Brahe’s celestrial charts in search of rhyme and reason in Turners mercurial game. Expect Evan to log big minutes as long as Jupiter is in the ascendancy.

brahe estate tycho brahe


1) Sixers D: It looks horrible. granted some of this is just unfavorable comparison to last years sterling defensive club. But not rim protection, no shutdown wing defender, and not enough help to make up for it.

2) Case in point Evan Turner. No Help for the Helper. Pause at the 3 sec mark, please. Who is he guarding? He has no anticipation of the pass, and not even the sense to roll to Biyombo  just by virtue of him standing wide open under the basket.

3) Where in God’s Name is Dorell Wright?! Only 8 minutes tonight. Here’s what’s happening When the Sixers play a bigger team, Wright only gets run when he’s Thad’s resting. The thing is Collins can’t afford to take Thad off the floor, logging 37 minutes last night.

My issue is that Wright is so much better than the frontcourt crap we are putting out there. I’d like to see more Thad/Wright pairings, and god forbid maybe some zone defense to crowd the middle.


A turd game from Hawes 2.0, Bobcat BJ Mullens, and ugly 3 for 12. Still played better than Hawes 1.0 2pts, 2 rebs, 14 minutes. And better redneck facial hair, to boot.

By the way the Sixers are paying Hawes 1.0 12 Million over the next two years… I feel like this guy looks…

Mullens mustache



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