Dispatches From The Dark: Volume 3, Jerry Stackhouse

(“Dispatches from the Dark” will bring us the few bright lights of enlightened ball that emerged from harrowing pagan bleakness of the Pre-Iverson 90′s.  A period universally known as the “Dark Ages” of Sixers basketball.)

“Amidst the errors there shone forth men of genius; no less keen were their eyes, although they were surrounded by darkness” -Petrarch

I should start this that with the Shocking Information that Jerry Stackhouse is not only still alive, stilll playing in the NBA, but is in fact logging 20+ minutes for for a first place Nets team. And hitting dagger threes to seal an overtime win against the New York Knicks, while he’s at it.

I would be remiss not to mention that Stack is not the only member of the amazing draft class of 1995 who was on the floor last night. unbelievably he was joined by Rasheed Wallace and Kurt Thomas, suiting up for the opposing Knicks. Doubly unbelievable is that Class of ’94 Jason Kidd, and Class of ’96 Marcus Camby also were in the house, that is 5 players combining for 90, hoary NBA seasons)

Stack, Rasheed and Jeff McInnis at UNC

The 1995 Draft Class, “could everyone bend over just a little bit more, please? Perfect.”

and the last recorded Kevin Garnett smile.

1995, The Rainforest was IN, Micheal Jackson was HUGE, and the in union of the two, this happened…


In the full throat of the Sixers Dark Ages, after already whifffing on Lottery Draft picks Shawn Bradley and Sharone Wright, the Sixers once again found themselves at the top of the Draft Board. With the 3rd pick they selected “The Next Jordan” High flying UNC wing, Jerry Darnell Stackhouse.

Stack proved to be the elite slasher the Sixers expected. Averaging 19pts, and drawing 7 free throw attempts per game in his rookie campaign. In addition to scoring, Stack provided a bevy of diluvian dunks that kept him on the fringes of rookie of the year considerations…

But all the highlight reel dunks didn’t result in wins. The Sixers won 6 fewer games Stackhouse’s rookie year, a pathetic total of 18 wins. That would land the Sixers the first overall pick and the tragicly unbalanced Iverson/Stackhouse backcourt would be born…

This preseason photo captures the only time the two would share a basketball…

A Rich Man’s version of the Jennings/Ellis backcourt of today, they had their good times…

Here the duo combine 57 pts on 45 shots, only 6 assists between them…

While it’s fair to wonder what might have been, I don’t think that any backcourt could handle the galaxy class egos of a young Stackhouse and Iverson. Here is Stack getting some comeupannce after mouthing off to an aged, but deadly Jordan

Larry Brown would break up the party 22 games into Stack’s 3rd season. Shipping him off to Detriot and bringing in shotblocking Theo Ratliff, eternal Philadelphian Aaron McKie, and finding a big point guard, Eric Snow to pair with Iverson .

From the ashes of Stack, the Iverson Sixers were born…

But Jerry Darnell Stackhouse had more than a few moments with the Pistons. Going for 57 against the Bulls in 2001

And the Great Stackhouse/Iverson Duel of 2001. As the pair go off for 78 points on 61 shots against 8 assists.

2000-01 would be Stack’s crowning season, finding his range on the 3 (35%) and drawing 10 free throws a game, en route to an average of 29.8 points per game, losing out on the scoring title to (guess who) Allen Iverson.

And let’s not these late era Stack moments with Mavs. Older and wiser, Stack was now a sharpshooting bench scorer and noted NBA vegetarian…


While the 76ers Franchise would have to wait one more draft to find their franchises’ true Messiah, 18 seasons in the league for a Guard is a near impossible feat. Stackhouse is now the 4th in the history of the NBA, joining Hall of Famers John Stockton (19), Reggie Miller (18), and the Knicks current 2 guard, Jason Kidd (19).

And lets end on this…

OK, we really need to end on this… let’s check out the STACKEXCHANGE section of jerrystackhouse.com. Featuring an interview with former NBA star and current Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson…





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