Game #12: Belated thoughts on the Jeremy Pargo show…

(A special welcome to new GrowthPlates contributor, Miriam Goldberg, who assisted with the research for this post)

Philly’s Jewish ballers from the South Philly Hebrew Association 1921-1922 season

Coming off an emotional come from behind rally against the Raptors on Tuesday; the Sixers faced a crappy Cleveland team who just lost there star player on Wednesday night. Sounds like a win, right? A chance to head to thier Thanksgiving break a suprising 8-4?

Well, not so much. A 92-84 LOSS to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Clearly exhausted from Tuesday’s fevered comeback, flying to Cleveland that night, a revenge game for the Cavs, this had the makings of a trap game. But the deciding factor in the contest was scintaling 28 pt performance from Isreal league standout, and erstwhile Samerian, Jeremy Pargo.

You’re forgiven for not knowing who he is, undrafted out of college, he found a paycheck on the outskirts of the Isreali league, playing for the West Bank border village of Gan Ner, population 2,800 (in a sign of the Isrealites devotion to basketball, the town’s arena has a capacity of 2,500).

Word of Pargo’s vicious dunks spread throughout the Holy Land,  and eventually he matriculated to hoops powerhouse, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Here is dishing out the hummus in a 2 man game with hunky Isreali roll man, Lior Eliyahu. I have to say, the dudes from Slovenia were really leaving the door open for Eliyahu there…

While inconsistent at the NBA level, the Sixers caught Pargo on a “Good Samaritan” night, as he doubled his existing career high, filling in for injured superstar Kyrie Irving…

Basically the story of the game against an exahusted sixers squad.


1) Evan Turner, everything in modulation.  on the heels of a turd performance (which in turn was on the heels of one of the best games of his career), Up and Down Evan Turner had a excellent all around game, going for 12pts/10reb/7ast performance. Of course, he still can’t shoot. 5 for 13 overall, 2 for 7 beyond 15 feet.

2) Free Throws, not that the Sixers did great, but they drew and made 8 more shots than the Cavs. Nice for a change.


Where to begin….

1) Spencer Hawes jumpshot has tumbled into despair. 4 points in 19 minutes. he did, however, awkwardly flail his way to two more blocks.

Unexpected Side Note; Spencer is blocking 3.6 shots per 48 minutes played. WHAT!?!?! good for 17th in the league. Ahead of actual shotblockers Josh Smith, Samuel Dalembert and Joakim Noah. Simultaneous to this, he remains a horrible defensive basketball player.

2) 3PT shooting. 4-17 par for the course for last years team, but this squad just can’t get away with it. They need to hit to win.

3) Plus/Minus anomoly Lavoy Allen, finds his way to the bench. -2 minutes, 2 fouls, and straight zero’s in the box score. a -5 for his efforts.

4) Sixers run super small again, but choose the wrong oppent. They run with Thad at Center, but tough to do that with Varejo on the court. Sixers give up 15 offensive rebounds.


Sixers are worst good rebounding team in the NBA. They got torched on the glass, right? Inspite of always seeming like they are getting overpowered, they secretly are ranked 8th in the league in defensive rebounding. What’s this mean? I think it indicates that they are good at team rebounding, but lak a single elite rebounder. They can get overpowered by an elite oppenent, i.e. Varejo.


Kwame Brown: Plays 20 minutes in (what I assume) is an effort to get some size and toughness on the court. Grabs 2 defensive rebounds in 21 minutes. His deepest darkest secret of being bad at rebounding, in addition to everything else, now revealed.


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