Happy Turkey Day!

GrowthPlates is taking a brief respite for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Sixers/Cavs recap to be published tomorrow.

In addition to celebrating family and friends and abundance,  I would like to use today as an oppurtunity to give thanks for the Ottoman basketball powerhouse, Turkey, and it’s great contributions to world hoops…

What’s it like going to playoff game in Turkey?

A post-NBA Iverson arived in Turkey, greating throngs of basketball fanatics…

Let us be thankful for silky shooting NBA big man Memhut Okur

And no celebration of the Turkish basketball experience would be complete without the “Micheal Jordan of Turkey”, Hedo Turkoglu…

Known here in America as the “Turkish Menace”. Here is perhaps the best performance of his NBA career in Game 2 of the NBA finals

And of course let us give an especially warm and sincere thanks to GrowthPlates contributor, turkey roasting master, and fine lady of Turkoman origon… Mama Rasheed!



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