Game #10:”Obviously, in hindsight, maybe you shouldn’t go bowling…”



Bynum outfit update: In an apparent attempt to make his new look a little more “murder-y“, Andrew Bynum has added skin-tight black gloves to his wardrobe. Um… That’s cool I guess…

But maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, maybe he’s just trying to keep his fingerprints off a bowling ball…


Nope, definitely murder… here he is sharing a moment with former teammate and noted prostitute strangler, Luke Walton.

Now that bowling blunders of Andrew Bynum have reached a tabloid crescendo, Let’s hear what the big man has to say for himself.

Stop bowling? Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here… I for one am glad that Andrew has embraced this pleasant and quintessentially American diversion.

But while Bynum’s leisure time injury has understandably captured national attention, the remaining 76ers had a basketball game to play.


An 86-79 WIN for the 76ers. My preseason supposition that the Bynum-less Sixers would be an uptempo, run and gun, high scoring outfit, demonstrates once again that I am, in fact, a moron who knows nothing about basketball.

Through 10 games they are the leagues #3 defense, and ranked #27 offense. That’s the magic of the Sixers jersey, no matter who wears it, it seems you can play defense but you can’t shoot.

Story of the game: Every so often we catch a beautiful, friscalating glimpse of what we thought the Holiday/Turner backcourt might look like.

The undersized two guard, and the oversized point guard. Two unorthodox players who maybe can figure out how they complete each other. combined line for your backcourt, 31pts/10reb/18ast/4TO and stout defense.

Bynum wasn’t the only long haired, injury prone big man in the house last night. Enter Andersen Varejo:
The big Brazilian knows hair, and he knows how to get on the floor.  He also knows how to play once he’s there..  Bynum should take some notes.


1) Jrue Holiday might be an All Star. Wierd to say after one of his less impressive offensive performance, but if her continues this progression upward he should get all-star consideration.  Virtually shut down the league’s top scoring point guard, Kyrie Irving. 9-2 assist to turnover for good measure.

2) Evan Turner had one of his best games as a Sixer. When he’s under control and confident he can be dangerous (just wish it happened more often). He got 40 minutes and responded with 19 with 9 assists and 6 boards.  He needs to stay in if he is ever going to hit his ceiling.  I don’t think he has hit it yet.


3) Nick Young formal name change to “Swaggy”. Color commentator Malik Rose now in on the act. Collins already has embrace the moniker, and it’s a good one for a guy with clashing neon shoes.

Also his best performance of the year. 13pts in only 16 minutes.  before this game I would have said his best performance had been his trip to the locker room.  Got to give him props tonight though.  He executed the ballerina spin move he’s been practicing all season. It looks a lot nicer when it goes in. Also, leaked out for this flush…


I was expecting to get a look at Kyrie Irving’s offensive wizardry, instead I saw the best defensive game of Jrue Holiday’s career. Here’s some of that smothering defense, and one of Irvings rare buckets.


1) Misleading box score #1 Lavoy Allen. Horrible box score, but led the team in plus/minus. That’s kind of what it looked like. a weirdly effective 0-5, 3reb performance. Keep it up? Maybe?



2) Misleading box score #2 Spencer Hawes. Stats look good, 14pts, 9reb, 4blk in 28 minutes. Subjectively, he looked like a hot flailing mess most of the game, and was definitely helped by the refs swallowing their whistles.

3) Officiating. they really let these guy play last night. Bynum could probably have garrotted a Cavalier from the bench without picking up a foul. Hey it worked it our favor since we never get to the Free Throw line anyway, but still.






Tyler Zeller,



ok that was mean. Truthfully, maybe we should have drafted this guy. I like his toughness, and we have lacked a scary, troll faced enforcer in the frontcourt since the halcyon days of Tyrone Hill










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