Game #9: Good Win/Bad News

A 99-93, tough WIN by the 76ers! but let’s start with the bad news…

A couple of days ago, this hypnotic image of the Sixers young, injured, center took the internet by storm.

(Ok, lets see this from a few more angles…)

What was going on with Bynum’s hair? Had he spent all year growing a righteous afro for the express purpose of  methodically brushing it downward into a mushroom cap/giant penis hairstyle that has never been executed before in the history of hair?

Did the former, seeming cool guy, and alleged paramour of Rihanna, think this was a ground breaking new look?

Perhaps his deep seated desire to get out of Los Angeles and back home was just so he could drop his LA cool guy charade and free his inner crazy-hobo among his sack wearing brethren in Philadelphia.

We now know that it was, in fact, a desperate cry for help… Just days after, yet another, one month delay in the rehabilation of his mysteriously swollen left knee was announced (codeword “BoneBruise”), we are told that he now has an identical “Bone Bruise” in his right knee. A problem which has apparently come to fruition while Bynum hasn’t been playing basketball, practicing, or do anything else. Oh, and there may be cartiledge damage in both knees, oh, and no one knows when he’ll ever be ready to play.

When the Sixers traded thier best player for Andrew Bynum 3 months ago (in a universally lauded move), there were certainly known risks. Including an outside chance that the bottom would fall out of his creaky wheels and completely derail his promising career. It looks like the Sixers might be losing the battle of wounded knees..



After the inexcusably drubbing from the winless Pistons, and public reeming from Doug Collins. A different Sixers team took the floor.

Cleary more aggressive, Smiles Holiday looked for his shot, and the team showed a determination to get to the rim, even when they couldn’t buy a foul shot ( The sixers had taken a laughable 2 free throws by the middle of the 4th).

This wasn’t a spectacular shooting performance. But enough shots fell to keep the team focused and able to earn a tough win against a bigger team.


1) 3pt shooting. 10 made threes at 52%, Keyed by a torrid 5 for 7 from Jason Richardson.

2) Rebounding. the old cliche rings true, It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, It’s the size of the fight in the dog. The undersized sixers outworked the brutish Jazz front line. ZERO offenisve rebounds for Jefferson and Millsap. Just 10 total O-boards for the #4 Offensive rebounding team in the league, pulling down over 30% of thier own misses on average.

3) Continuing the theme… Amazingly the undersized sixers racked up more points in the paint than the vaunted Utah frontcourt 42 to 38

4) Further continuation… Sleepy lap cat, Lavoy Allen, awoke fo 5 offensive rebounds last night, for a total of 9 in his last 2 games.  Sixers are working to time his nap cycles better. Lavoy needs the o-boards to keep himself offensively relevant. 10 pts, 8 reb, 3 ast, 2 blk, 0 turnovers, 0 fouls. That’s a good Lavoy line. Give the man a belly rub.

5) Holiday/Turner taking over in the 4th. Turner looked more comfortable after unburdening his tortured soul Friday morning. Some nice baskets, and even nicer assists in the closing stretch.

6) Turner, playing the guy they should taken instead, Derrick Favors, to a draw.

Turner 11pts/4reb/4ast/2TO   Favors 8pts/7reb/1ast/2stl/1blk/2TO

7) After a sonorous, intentional foul-laden, last 90 seconds of game threatened to sap the enthusiasm of the win, Smiles Holiday provided this emphatic block to close the book.


1)FrankenHawes returns. 13 minutes, -20 in a game the Sixers won by 6. I know that “Good Hawes” is but a wisp of a dream you struggle to remember, but his 1 game rennaisance to start the season was expecially shortlived.

2) Only 5 minutes for Dorell Wright. He’s been more good than bad on the balance, but if you are looking for intensity, it doesn’t look like he’s the guy you are going to get it from.


Inspite of practically giving tickets away for free, Hockey on strike, and the Eagles a kafkaesque nightmare, there were still A LOT of empty seats in the house. The Bynum stuff isn’t going to help, and I doubt this team will be able to put together the kind of extended winning runs to actually generate enthusiasm in this town. That’s a shame, full-ish houses last year were fun.

Next up The Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2nd installment of Mama Rasheed’s corner!


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