Game #7: Belated thoughts on Sixers/Bucks, Achilles Heel Revealed

Basically how Monday’s night’s game felt. A somewhat frightening 105-96 LOSS to the not-so-mighty milwaukee bucks.

How was this more troubling than the back to back ass whoopings we recieved from the Knicks last week? Answer is that the Bucks aren’t any good. The Bucks play faster than any team in the league, and they lured the gullible Sixers backcourt into into the kind of warp 9, playground game they can win.

Here is what Brandon Jennings looked like en route to his 33 point, 8 assist, 4 steal, (and why the Hell not), 2 block performance. Pretty much the story of the game…

IN the battle for post-Larry Brown maniacal coach supremacy, Scott Skiles got the better of Doug, as Collins utilization of Kuro Miko black magic to seal the Bucks basket proved unsuccessful.


1) Jason Richardson looks decidedly not washed up, and still had at least one more 360 dunks in his knees. Good for 20 points, and about 87 demonstrative howls.

2) Thaddues Young made a Jumpshot! more precious than rare earth metals. He followed it up by drawing yet another charge, and finding a layup on the other end to key a 3rd quarter the Sixers rally

3) Sixers Shooting, When they are hitting, the pump fake drives are there for Wright, Nick Young and Richardson.

After a show of diplomatic discretion during Saturday’s road game in Toronto, American Gladiator gear is back! Please, Please, Please, let this continue.

4) Dorrell Wright summoning Elton Brand in the 3rd by getting a sneaky long armed block at the rim. Sixers need more rim protection.

5) Sam Dalembert the definitive crazy ex-girlfriend of 76ers fans. In an effort to stoke our jealousy he broke out one of his classic jumpshot goaltends, and had a really over the top make out session with Marquis Daniels.

6)  I’ve figured it out, Nick Young the holy fool of the NBA. Hold not his contested jumpshots against him, for he is but a child of nature, innocent in the eyes of the Basketball Gods.


1) Lavoy Allen. Illustrating the hazards of giving a guy 6 Million dollars based on 5 or 6 good games. He is stretched paper thin as a starting center. I believe he has some defensive chops, but not enough to overcome being an offensive zero. no points in 13 minutes

3) Evan Turner continues to prove he is good for 1 palming violation a game.. I am certain he is leading the league in this category. Also 2-6 on open midrange jumpers.

4) Spencer Hawes, not nearly as macho as the headband indicates. 3 for 11 from the floor, zero blocked shots.


Sixers Ballhandling. really hideous. 11 backbreaking turnovers from the Holiday/Turner backcourt. Jrue Holiday leads the league by a country mile at 6 turnovers per game. Check out the rest of the top turnover list . James Harden, Durant, Kyrie Irving, Deron Williams, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard. On a casual glance that looks like good company, but the reality is that Holiday needs to match their offensive production to justify the TO’s. It takes some of the luster off his 19pts 9ast average.


On the Sixers performance

DC: My worst fears were realized, worried about our energy, tier speed, turnovers.  Live ball turnovers.We just weren’t able to overcome our mistakes.

Why is Royal Ivey playing 20 minutes a game?

DC: One of the few guys on our team who can guard a Jennings or an Ellis. I was reaching in a grab bag trying to get us back in the game.

Could his teammates be contributing to Holidays turnover problem?

DC: His teammates?!?! How are his teammates making him turn it over?!

Are they in the right spots?

DC: They are in the right spots.

On fatigue

DC: I don’t think we have heavy legs, we had heavy minds, it started at shoot around today, and it continued tonight.

in light of Bynum’s continued injury, any news on the 7 foot crystal Golem?

DC: He’s meeting with some of the top guys at Waterford Crystal to evaluate, I have no update on his progress. I can tell you this; he will be named Melkor, Lord of rebounds, he will be both beautiful and terrible to behold.



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