Game #5: I Hate Boston

YES! Sixers go wire to wire with 106-100 victory over the Celtics at the Boston Garden. And a win in Boston feels like 2. There’s the hot shooting questionable defense squad we were expecting!

Perhaps the easiest team/city to hate in America. Sure it’s the  1980’s battles, last year’s 7-game playoff slugfest, 300 years of municipal rivalry, but I have to say, it’s mostly this…

and this…

oh! and this…

Stay Classy Boston, oh wait, and I almost forgot these guys…

See what I am saying? It is just profoundly satisfying to beat these crackerjacks. And yes, I am deeply and irrationally bitter becuase of the national vitriol directed at Philly for our rough-edged nastiness, but somehow America finds these booze-addled leprachaun people sweetly endearing. Go figure.

In any event it feels extra good to beat them…


OK, though irrelevant in this game, we have to start with Big Spence; the emotions of Tuesday still fresh and arriving at the hallowed ground of the Republican Party’s Battle of Shiroyama; America may be dying, but Big Spence ain’t going down without a fight!

Yes. Spencer Hawes is wearing American flag head and wrist bands. He watched his bootleg copy of Red Dawn, like, 5 fucking times, before the game, dude! Now you might think it’s awkward for the one white guy on the team to take such an provacative position on the re-election of America’s first black president, hmm…

But here’s where the leadership of young, “Smiles” Holiday comes shining through…

“Don’t feel bad, buddy. I love America too! I’ll where you’re stupid… er… i mean… awesome, American flag wristbands! They look supercool! Like we’re American Gladiator! Maybe Coach will let us get one of those rad tennis ball gatling guns!”

That’s taking one for the team Jrue, and I hope, no, devoutly pray, that this is continued look for this roster.

Story of the game: Sixers find there offense. Nick “Swaggy P” Young made a couple of the ridiculous shots that make you understand why he takes so damn many ridiculous shots (Sort of, not really). Even taking it to the rim a couple of times.

This game wasn’t a masterpiece by any stretch, but they showed  sustained sequences of quality offense, and timely periods of defensive intensity, and that’s enough to win a  game.

No coincidence that the offense of explosion was triggered by the montrous 46pt, 15reb, 18ast explosion from the Turner/Holiday back court. they made it easy for everyone on the roster.

It certainly helped that Boston (going through the same growing pains as the Sixers after a roster overhaul) only intermittently looked like the lockdown Celtics of the last few years. Everytime the Celtics had a run in the 2nd half Turner or Holiday had the answer, and it wasn’t as close as the final score.


1)Shooting; Good night up and down the lineup. 48% overall, 7-13 on threes, 19-23 free throws

2) Dorell Wright taking advantage of defenders closing hard on his jumper in the 3rd; pump fake, two dribbles to a sick left hand, wrong footed floater. Sick, soft putback of his own runner one minute later.

3) Lavoy gets a couple paint buckets; got himself 3 layups. he needs some garbage points, becuase he’s just not a good enough jump shooter to do that exclusively.

4) Thad Young is just a beautiful wierd-ass basketball player. just an elite garbage scorer, doesn’t rebound, but 2 steals, 3 blocks, and his usual drawn charge. With the Celtics surging in the 4th, Doug calls a post-up for thad (first play called for him all game), deep position on Pierce, elevates over him for an effortless 4-foot jumphook, back breaker for Boston.

5) A lusty 56 points in the point

6) The Boston telecast; While all local broadcasts have a home team bias, Boston’s TV team is truly the FoxNews of play by play. The feverish fantasy-scapes described by Tommy Heinsohn is GrowthPlates worthy. The scoreboard I was looking at must have been put together by that gay nerd, Nate Silver!

Case in point; Horrible turnover by Boston, Thad Young on a 1 on zero break, gets the layup and the 3pt play on the late, ill-advised, after the shot, foul by a trailing Pierce. “That’s championship hustle! That get’s a Tommy Point!!!” I’ve never seen so much delusional enthusiasm for an opposing teams and-1 in my life.

Great work Tommy, you get a GrowthPlates Point!


1)Crunchtime execution; Sixers spent the last three minutes praying for the clock to run out. It made the game unneccasarily close.

2)Handling ball pressure and the trap. They need a secondary ball handler, Turner is not the answer here.. Is that the Delonte’s three-wheel motorcycle I hear in the distance?

3) too many easy looks for Boston throughout the game

4) Another stupid palming violation on Turner, feels like he’s gettig 1 a game.


1) Congratulations Swag, you’re out of the doghouse. Arnett Moultrie, you were ugly. 6 horrible minutes, lobatomy level focus on defense.

But hey Sixers/Celtics. Let’s close with this…



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