Game #2: and I officially miss Andre Igoudala…

The Japanese character “Mu“. The absence which defines the whole.

100-84 loss to the Knicks and it felt worse than that score would indicate.

This game perfectly articulated the void in the Sixers line up created by the departures of Iguodala, Brand, and Williams. Too many layups, Too many threes, no lockdown defender, and no ballhandling on the bench.

This play pretty much summarizes today’s contest…

And this one…

First, in the absense of Igoudala, Thad Young will be tasked with guarding the likes of Carmelo, Lebron, possibly Durant. Um…  Looks like that might not work out so great.

More frustrating is Lavoy Allen slow dancing with his man on the weakside. maybe part of his defensive prowess is secretly velcro-ing himself to who ever he’s guarding, but he is not leaving his man unless he bursts into flames, maybe. That was something Brand brought to the table and sorely missed in this game.

Jrue Holiday (27 points, 7 assists, 6 turnovers) looked like one of the league’s top shooting guards, which is great, except that he’s playing point guard.

New York looks pretty dangerous, tomorrow’s rematch will be telling to see if they can make adjustments, but today our Sixers looked like a real work in progress.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, brought to you by new GrowthPlates contributor D40.


1) Jrue Holiday flat out scoring the ball, and kind of looking like a guy worth 42 million dollars.

2) Dorell Wright looking like a solid 2 way player even without his jumpshot falling.


1) Evan Turner’s diarrhea dribble, out of control. take some advice from Mama Rasheed, drink some pepto and slow it down. He NEEDS to be an effective play maker for this team to be successful.

2) Evan Turner through two games; 4 for 16 from the floor, 17 rebounds. He’s basically Reggie Evans right now.

3) Spencer Hawes; Not enough standing directly under the basket with your hands up! Come on! I think that’s the key to tomorrow night’s game.

4) Maalik Wayns looking less like an NBA back up point guard, and more like an undrafted rookie, which, of course, he is.


Nick Young –29 for the afternoon. ouch. Add that to his -6 in a 9 point win against Denver and that makes him a lusty –35 through two games. So we decided not to pay Lou Williams 5 million, for the privilege of paying Nick Young 6 million. Clearly we are trying to corner the market on 1000 watt smiles, because I don’t see how this guy is any better than Lou Williams.


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