A Moment in Iverson: Volume 1

This will be the first of running feature here at GrowthPlates. Surveying the life and times of the most iconic Philadelphia figure of my lifetime, Allen Iverson.

It’s a tough subject to engage without adding more over-analysis of his classicly tragic and fraught later acts. His unlovely departure from the NBA. The apparent squandering of over 204 Million Dollars in earnings. Dogged by creditors, the hunt for paychecks in Istanbul, and now Beijing. A Kabuke theatre, haunting the arenas of the Basketball Oriente.

Ok, maybe we will need to spend some more time overanalysizing this… But suffice to say, he loved Philadelphia in a way few outsiders ever can. And he was our King.

Now lets watch so video of Iverson getting beautifully nasty. The Georgetown years.


And let’s end with this. By the way, he’s 5’11 with his shoes off. Damn…


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