Game #1, meet the new sixers, same as the old sixers

One game, One win. As we witness the dawning of the sweet shooting, run and gun, showtime era of Sixers basketball. Or, rather, we witness another Kensington Avenue rock fight with a combined 110(!) Missed field goals, 32 missed 3’s, and both teams managing to score less than 20 points in a quarter… twice…

Hmm…. looks suspiciously like the previous 166 games of the Collins era. But what can you do? That’s just Sixers Basketball.

I think its clear that this whole ” We are remaking our roster with guys who can shoot a basketball” was just a Collins Jedi mindtrick; and that Andre Igoudala, Lou Williams and Elton Brand were playing for the Sixers last night disguised as Jason Richardson, Nick Young, and Dorell Wright. A crafty bit of misdirection by that sly fox, Doug Collins.

Think about it, have you ever seen Lou Williams and Nick Young in the same place at the same time? Ever? Google it! it’s never happened…

But for those of us who worried about whether the new Sixers can still win our trademark hideous, flailing, brickfests, I think we can all sleep a little easier.


1) Jrue Holiday shaking off a poor shooting night and taking over when the Nuggets pulled within 1 with 3 minutes to go. He looked like an actual point guard for stretches, and certainly in the home stretch.

2) Jrue drawing 5 free throw attempts. Not a big deal? It happened only 7 times all of last season.

3) Rotations and transition defense. The nuggets are good, ball hawking, and insanely fast. The Sixers were able to  do just enough to disrupt the run game (in part by punishing their leak outs with offensive rebounding), and contested almost every jumper.

4) Furtive and beautiful as the Arctic Spring; let’s enjoy the two weeks of spry, active Spencer Hawes before the inevitably back injury and the long dark of FrankenHawes descends upon us.

5) Spencer Hawes again. Clearly he has had the epiphany “Wait a minute, I’m really tall, even for an NBA player. I have a standing reach of 9 feet, 2 inches.  If I stand directly under the basket, amd keep my hands straight up in the air, I can block, like, 5 shots!”. The old standing with my hands up move, I like Spencer, I like it…


1) Shooting, shooting, shooting. These guys can shoot right? It’s impossible that these guys suddenly can’t shoot anymore. Right?!

2) Ballhandling on the wings. This is an under reported deficiency on this team. The 7 minutes with Jrue on the bench were kind of hair raising. And a couple ghastly turnovers by Turner didn’t help matters. I suspect last seasons superb turnover numbers will be a a lot more middle of the pack this year.


Turner in the post. After the 6’7 Turner got clowned on the blocks by the 6’2 Andre Miller in the first half (admittedly a post magician, but come on dude, he’s 6’2, fat and nearly 40), he desperately tries to return the favor against the 5’11, 190 pound Ty Lawson early in the 4th. After screaming for the ball on consecutive plays, he finally makes the catch a full 16 feet from the rim, not exactly deep position. spin move, offensive foul, turnover.


3 thoughts on “Game #1, meet the new sixers, same as the old sixers

  1. Congrats on achieving your objective — goooo team technological Justin! And I love the bottom right otherworldly picture meant to capture the metaphysics angle (is it of Bryce Canyon hoodoos?)!

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